Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

What Katie Ate! ROCKS!

I guess a lot of foodblogger and foodies know this lady: KATIE!
Katie got a foodblog where she posts for already a long time stunning photographs and wonderful delicious recipes. She has her very own style in cooking and styling, so she is really popping out of all the stuff you can find in the web.

I follow her blog already a very long time.
She always tells a lot about what`s up in her life and it is quite fun, because you get the feeling to know her personally. She is so authentic and warm and funny, that it is a pleasure to "visit" her time by time.

One day she wrote that she was asked to make her own cookbook.
Well, she was SO happy and surprised! The first thing I thought was: "FINALLY!" - she is so damn talented that I asked myself why nobody else had this iodea before.
Well, she kept people update about her cookbook timetable and what happened, and now - the book is in stores!!!!!
I immediately ordered one, because I am so happy for her (and for the world) and I really really love her work!

And people, I got to tell you: She CAN cook! So...if you want to buy some very special cookbook with a rusty flavour, with no fear of meat or big meals - buy it! It`s so lovely!

© Katie Quinn Davies 2012 and Penguin Books, Australia


  1. totally agree! i love Katie's blog too, can t wait for my copy of the book to arrive!

  2. Hi Fabi

    Apologies for not writing this in German, but knowing most Germans, you lot are almost better at speaking English than most native-English speaking people! :)

    I LOVED your above post, it really put a HUGE smile on my face. I would love to send you a signed copy of the Australian book to say thanks for showing such unique enthusiasm. You are one in a million :)

    Can you mail me your postal address at: studio@katiequinndavies.com.au.

    Thanks again
    Katie x

  3. wow! Super schoen! Wuerde auch gerne haben :))) vieleicht wuensche ich es mir zum weihnachten ? :)