Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rainbowcake ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since Noody started to work at our company and is my roommate, there is a lot of "rainbow-spirit" in the room. Here rainbowcolors, there rainbowcolors, everywhere! Inspired by her and a post she did at Facebook, I thought about baking a RAINBOW-cake...

Well, actually I didn`t know at all how to do that, because I had no recipe, so I laid awake some hours at night, thinking about how to prepare the best Rainbowcake!
I already realized: It would be a LOT of work, but I was so flashed by the idea, that I HAD to try it at least.

My luck: Timo had some meetings in south Germany, so I had a few days alone.
I occupied the kitchen after making plans about the pastry, the colors and something-around....
I am not that freak of decorating cakes, I like it more basic. What a luck! :)
With the new food coloring I bought in my favourite spend-too-much-money-for-cake-stuff-shop (>>KD-Torten) I started my crazy day.

At least, I spent 6 hours in the kitchen and I was so so so excited!
I had to bake every color-slice extra for 30 minutes...my feet were so so tired in the evening, but I was happy!
I created a nice covering with marsipan and dark chocolate ganache, and I was really curious about: how it looks inside!!!
But I had to wait for Timo, kind of a little surprise and some increasing of suspense for me :D

Well, when I cut the cake I was SQUEAKING happily - the whole neighbourhood participated, I guess (not from the cake, for sure!)

I will write down the recipe, I already promised it to Noody and Rebecca.
I need some time for that, but now I can already post the photos...
have fun with that!

Have a COLORFUL day!