Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Ravioli al Fabi

Wow, that isn`t as complicated as I thought!...Well, you need a pasta machine... ( I heard the italian "mamas" flatten it still with a rolling pin, but that is more sports than cooking!)
But if you have that machine - and a beautiful soft and handsome pasta dough.... then it works so easy!

And it tastes a thousand times better than the dried supermarket pasta out of the package from some big-loveless-concerns!

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Spargel - the easy way.

Seit dem 21. Juni ist die Spargelsaison für dieses Jahr zu Ende - the same procedure as every year!
Ich hab natürlich nicht verpasst, Unmengen davon zu essen und vorallem: Mir selbst welchen zu machen.

Das klingt immer so pseudoedel und so aufwändig...aber echt! Spargel ist null kompliziert!
Schälen, ins heisse Wasser, feddich.
Kartoffeln und etwas Butter dazu, wenn man hat, n bißchen Petersilie, und man kann schon losschmausen.

Irgendwie...kann kochen so einfach sein!!

Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Italy`s yellow coast on my table

Double fresh, directly out of the oven!
And it is not sour at all!...I really wondered about that. Amalfi Lemons, filled with Mozzarella, basil and anchovy filets.
I get kind of a longing for Italy, even if I really don´t know that country at all (I´ve gotta change that!)

After I read the recipe, I googles the Amalfi Coast to get a little geographic knowledge. In the same time, I realized that in summertime, people there really drown in these lemons.
I really really have to go there and have to help those poor Amalfi people :)

I served it with Crostini. Topped by chopped tomatoes and olives and some good olive oil.
You shouldn`t drink something else than water - you kill or choke the wonderful taste!

(Recipe from "Genial italienisch" ,Jamie Oliver << awesome awesome book !)

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Rhubarbe with Vanillasauce


For dinner (when Timo is not there, because he will squinch up his face  in disgust)  I had warm RHUBARBECOMPOTE with cooled VANILLASAUCE <3 - better Timo is not her. Than I don`t have to share it!


Hellohhh everybody! WELCOME!
This blog is brandnew...but many of the pictures are taken the last year. So I will post bit by bit my LYLs - my LastYearLeckerlis (LastYearYummees)...and remember at the same time so many wonderful moments.

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Me @ Jamie`s

I found my homemade fresh and tasty Chips (well, actually the photograph of it) on the Jamie´s Home Cooking Website (after I sent it there,for sure!) - I never thought that they would announce it, ... but I am SO HAPPY about that! <3

Have a look at the Website!:

(because it is like Gusteau said it: Everybody can cook!)

Cosy Meat!

What the f***? A cuddly schnitzel???

Sorry, but....This is AWESOME! I NEED IT! Immediately!
Food for the nighttime. Food I am allowed to take to bed in the evening...without growing fat. Without crumble in the night sheet...woaaah!

"It´s bedtime, honey! Come and bring the Schnitzel!"

From HABA >> Cosy Schnitzel