Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Chocolate-Oh-Chocolate Icecream

Well, this icecream is from now on my favourite Chocolate Icecream (and all people who love chocolate icecream know what it means to decide---THIS is my fav!..this is like winning gold at Olympia!)

I added chocolate pieces and chili, because in my opinion, those small chocolate pieces in icecream are the little wonder that makes "good" icecream to "best of" icecream.
And Chili...well...just `cause I llike it. you can leave it out, if you want!

(I have an icecream machine. if you do not have one, you can make icecream, too!
But there is a special procedure you have to follow. I don`t know it by rote, so please google it.
I  recommend you warmly the  procedure of the wonderful David Lebovitz, because he really knows what he does: How to make icecream without a machine)


Chocolate-Oh-Chocolate-Icecream(6 - 8 servings)

What you need:
>> 130 gramm chocolate (70%)
>> 200 ml milk (no low fat milk, please!)
>> 200 gramm cream
>> salt
>> 80 gramm sugar + 1 tsp.
>> 2 egg yolk (size M)
>> 1 tbsp cocoa powder (good one!)

> break 100 gramm of the chocolate into pieces
> heat milk, cream, a pinch of salt & 40 gramm of the sugar
> add chocolate-pieces and let melt while stiring

> mix egg-yolks with rest of the sugar (40 gramm)
> mix cocoa powder + 1tsp. sugar, add a bit of the cream milk and stir well until smooth
> mix egg-yolk-sugar mixture with cocoa-powder mixture
> over a hot water bath, mix with a mixer about 10 minutes (not less!) until creamy
> immerdiately after that, mix over an icecold water cath more 6-8 minutes
> Put in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool down totally

> Chop the remaining 30 gramm of chocolate into little splits, add to your cream
> if you want, add a little bit of ground chili> Put into your icecream machine, let freeze for 30-35 minutes (depends on your machine, have a look into your instruction manual)> Let the cream freeze totally in the freezer.

If you do not know how to make a warm/icecold waterbath, Google is your best friend!
Same with making icecream without icecream machine.GO GOR IT!

Eat with vanillasauce or without, or with cookies..or ...whatever you want! ENJOY! :)

Montag, 13. August 2012

Fluffy Berry-Bomb-Cakes

Well...these ... BOMBS ... were normally thought as little cake pieces, but I already was in doubt when I arranged them on the tray, before baking.
When I watched oven-TV (I love to see my cakebabies grow!), I had to realize: theeeese are no little cakes...these are BOMBS!

But well, ...they are DELICIOUS bombs, and the risk is: you eat it ALL. No matter how big it is.

It´s summertime, so it was close to take berries.
I took for one half blueberries, for the other half - because I really LOVE them - black currants.

But in fact:
This is a simple yeast-raised paistry with a little amount of spice and fruits.
So if you are that experimental type of cook (like I am), choose other fruits or spices, if you want. But don´t blame me, if they taste not like you expected! :)

Here it is, the easy recipe (with the smeary dough, haha! Have fun!)

Fluffy Berry-Bomb-Cakes

>> 1 package dry yeast (7gramm)
>> 375 ml tepid milk
>> 1 tsp ground cardamom
>> 2 eggs (big ones!)
>> a pinch of seasalt
>> 200 gramm sugar
>> 50 gramm melted butter + 15 gramm melted butter for the sheet
>> 800 gramm flour
>> 75 gramm cane sugar

>> 400 gramm blueberries (, other berries or another fruit)
>> 75 gramm sugar
>> 1 orange (peel and juice)


> Stir yeast into the tepid milk. Let rest for a little while.
> Mix egg + seasalt in a large bowl firmly
> While stiring, add cardamom, sugar, melted butter, 500 gramm flour and yeast-milk.
    (dough is fine when it has a gooey texture
> Finally, add remaining flour (300 gramm)

> With floured hands, knead dough a short while. Sprinkle with flour, cover it and let the dough rise in a warm place until doubled in size.

> Meanwhile smash blueberries, sugar, most of orange peel and a splash of orange juice with a fork in a bowl.
> Cover a big sheet with baking paper, place a few butter flakes on it and sprinkle half of the cane sugar onto it.

> Sprinkle working surface with flour.
> Stretch out dough with floured hands until round about size of 20 x 30 cm (~ magazine sheet size).
> Dripp off half of the berry-mixture and spread out on dough
> Fold dough like an envelop and knead again firmly

> Divide dough in 8 parts.
> Shape looooooong, thin rolls while twisting like a spiral from outside to inside
> Place on sheet (leave enough space to one another, they grow to BOMBS!)
> Spread rest of berries onto the BOMBS and press them into dough.
> Sprinkle with some blueberryjuice, remaining cane sugar and orange juice.
> Cover with moist fabric, let rise for 20 more minutes in a warm place

> Preheat oven: 180°C
> For 25 minutes you can try now to clear the chaos you made in the kitchen (good luck!)
> The BOMBS should be now wonderful golden brown and crispy (because of the sugar).
> Open oven, grab them (careful, it`s hot!) and munch`em ALLL ALL ALL ALL!

...good idea : add warm vanillasauce! <3