Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Fresh handmade Pasta

Before the Christmascookie-Season begins (my traditional start is the 1st of november), I`d like to give you something salty, because it is getting sooo sweet soon!

There are a lot of recipes for fresh pasta in the web and in books.
But most of us buy the dried pasta from the supermarket, because we think, it is too hard and too complicate to do it by yourself.

Here is the wonderful message: It isn`t!
I tried it, and really, I swear - it isn`t!

I guess one thing is, that most of the recipes tell you to buy 00-flour, called “Semola”.
Because I live in the big wonderful city of Hamburg, it is no problem to get it. For some of you it could be (but in the Internet, for sure, you can order it!).
I don`t know how the dough behaves when you use all-purpose flour, but I heard it`s getting a bit slimy, and that is something you really really don`t need while making pasta.

Second is: The pasta-machine.
You can roll the dough by hand, for sure. Italian mamas often do that. But most people use pasta machines. But the good news are: they aren`t very expensive. You don`t need a high-class machine if you make pasta time by time and not every day for 5 families.

For the dough itself, you really need nearly nothing!

serves 4

200 grams 00` Semola Flour
2 eggs
1 TSP olive oil
1 pinch of salt

>> Mix all together and knead it. Knead knead knead, until you have a beautiful smooth elastic dough.
In former times in Italy (probably still today?) people put the dough into a plastic bag and knead it with the feet, because they have more power in there.
I tried it out. It`s a little bit strange in the beginning, and you need to find out a “feet-knead-technique”, but it helps if you do not have too much power or you don´t wanna leave half of your day-energy in kneading.

>> Then flatten the dough a little and put it into the pasta machine.
The important thing is, that you have to roll them through ALL the 8 or 9 steps, it`s getting thinner and thinner.
AND : the first 3 steps when it comes out, fold it again double and put it again through the same step.
Try it out, you will get a feeling for it.

Watch this video from GIULIA <3 when you wanna see how to use a pasta machine and how the dough should look like.

>> Boil enough salted water.

>> If the dough is ready, put it through the part of the machine where you can form long broad stripes.
If you wanna do it by hand, cut the dough to the length you want to have, than flour it generous and fold it softly (do NOT press it together!) a few times. Then take a knife and quickly (!) cut them into the thickness you wanna have. After you did that with the whole dough, unfold the single stripes quickly, put them unsorted on a floured plate.

>> Then put them into the salted water.
They only need a few minutes to cook, 2 or so (depends also on the thickness). If they stay longer, they`ll be sticky and slimy. So take care of them.

One last hint: Pasta (and this is also the same thing for all other food) won`t be good if you do not put all your patience and devotion in it.

Enjoy them with whatever you want. Pesto, tomato sauce or, like I love, just with olive oil and a few herbs or with butter and salt.

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