Sonntag, 22. September 2013

*Easy* Beetroot-Ginger Soup

Four weeks ago, Timo and me left Hamburg and went to South of France. We left Hamburg at a great latesummertime. It was about 26°C, perfect. In France, for sure, it was warmer, but not too much. It was an awesome extension of our summer.
When we left France and arrived by plain in Hamburg, the first sentence I said to Timo was: "First thing I will do: Put some warm sox on!"
It was about 12°C (we just came from 30°C). Damn, it was cold! Fall is coming. No, it was already there!We had a wonderful wonderful summer this year here. A lot of sun, not too hot, and very often rain in the night, good for the plants! My tomatoes grew and grew...I still harvest them.
But now, it`s time for tea. Time for hot-water bags. For warm sox. For thick coats. For a pair of gloves when I ride my bike at 7:30 a.m. in the morning through the forest to my work.
And it`s time for soups!!

Soups are really the best cold-weather-food. They warm you up from the inside, and because I am a reeeeal human ice cube when temperatures fall, they are survival food for me.

Two years ago, I felt in love with beetroot. It happened, because I ordered a "green box" from a farmer. I get it every two weeks, filled with a lots of veggies and fruits. Often enough, they add veggies I eben didn`t know. And sometimes they add some I knew but I never prepared. I mostly prepared stuff until thrn what I new from my childhood, and beetroot was not in. So...I got beetroot and I started to cook with it. Yea, really. I felt in love!

And here is the easiest, simplest method to use it (except rasping it). In a warm way. And the addition of ginger increases the inner heat it will produce.
Cosy times are coming! (I will start to sew my big huge biiiig Patchwork blanket...part of cosy times :))

Beetroot Ginger-Soup... to have a warm dinner AND to freeze a lot.

> 600 grams beetroot (I had two corms), peeled and chopped into dices (red finger alarm!)
> 2 shalotts, peeled and chopped fine
> 100 grams of ginger, peeled and chopped fine
> 50 grams of potatoe, peeled and roughly chopped
> 400 grams of red cabbage, sliced into fine stripes
> 1600 ml vegetable stock
> some vegetable oil
> 4 tbsp Aceto Balsamico vinegar
> Spices: salt and pepper from the mill, 4 tsp coriander (grounded)

>> Heat vegetable oil in a big pot
>> Add onions and ginger. Sweat them.

>> Add potatoes, beetroot and red cabbage. Add vegetable stock, let simmer for about 30 minutes.
>> Purée with a hand blender until as smooth as possible (it wull stay a bit grainy)
>> Add salt, pepper, grounded coriander and Aceto Balsamico. Add some seasoning if needed.
>> Optional: If you like it more liquid, add a bit more water.

>> To have a more creamy soup, you can add a bit of cream or curd or sour cream, like you want it. It makes the soup wonderful soft.
If you want a special little kick, roast some almond slices and give them over the soup.

And I like to serve it with a nice piece of Baguette or dark bread with butter.

Dance the ColdWeatherDance for warm feet and sing a warm song of your choice, filling up your soup and kitchen with great mood. Dammmdammdamm...

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

THANK YOU ALL - all around the world !!!

Hey and hello all around the world,
I just had a look at my blog statistics... and I wanted to say THANKS A LOOOT!!! to all of you!
...I could see that I`ve got readers from all around the world, USA and Australia at the top, Russia, Canada and Latvia following, but I also see visitors from the U.K., Italy, France, Austria....and more!
this is so AWESOME!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I really really appreciate this!

I have been in holidays to south of France, Languedoc-Roussillon, and just came back.
I will start blogging as soon as I have time again for cooking and photography. And I really can`t wait for it!

Thank you all again, have a wonderful wonderful rest of the week,