Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

Pumpkin Soup

This is a "the-same-procedure-as-every-year"-recipe. When autumn arrives and everything gets color outside, pumpkins pop out here wherever you go. You can buy them everywhere!

What I REALLY love about pumpkin (except their wonderful taste) is, that you can store them for such a long time!
When you put them into a cold and dry place, you can use themn still in 4 or 5 months, some people say even longer!And because pumpkins are so HUGE (I mean here: the Hokkaido), you can get so much out of it. AND with Hokkaidos, you do not have to peel them - just cook it all together!

There a thousand of possibilitries to enjoy pumpkins.
But here is my basic one, a wonderful soup!



>> 700 gramm of Hokkaido Pumpkin [diced, seeds removed]
                (= 900 gramms of Pumpkin before cutting)
>> 2 onions
>> 2 TBSP Aceto Balsamico
>> 40 gramm of butter 
>> 1000 ml vegetable stock
>> 200 gramm cream [optional, also just less, if you want]
>> 2 TSP honey
>> grounded nutmeg
>> salt & grounded pepper

> Dice onions and pumpkin
>  Melt butter in a big pan or pot and roast onions & pumpkin gently until they are lightly brown
    ( I put them in different pots and mix them together after, but you can do it also all in once)

>  Deglaze it with Aceto Balsamico
> Add vegetable stock
> Let gently boil it for 15 minutes (until pumpkin is very soft, test it)
> Purée it with a hand blender or whatever you have
> Flavor it with honey, salt, pepper and nutmeg
> If you want it more creamy: Add now the cream, mix it and let it boil up once more.

You can garnish it with whatever you want.
I prefer a blob of curd and some roasted pumpkin seeds. But chopped dill, parsley or some other herbs are wonderful, too! Pumpkin seed oil is a beautiful and tasty garnish, too.
I serve it always with some bread or baguette.

Enjoy your beautiful warm soup! Mother nature loves us :)

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