Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

~~ Granola,...again.

At the moment, I try out my new lens.
I also try out my new "Studio" - I had the wonderful permission of Timo to rebuild his kitchen, because he has so much more light in that room than I have in mine.
It´S now a mixture of kitchen and photo studio. Everywhere props and cam equipment, next to olive oil from France and Pasta deluxe from Italy.

I drilled holes in the ceiling to install a selfmade white background which can be lifted and closed down.

So I play around now with all that stuff, also exploring the possibilities of the new natural light quality coming from the big windows.

I have an inflamation in the right arm, so I can´t cook at the moment.
I have to do most of the thing with the left arm. Photography is something I can do, so I take things I already have, like the granola, to be my playmate....

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