Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

~~ Granola!

I`ve got a kind of a spleen...

I always want to learn how to make those everyday-life foodstuff we normally buy at the supermarket:

Ketchup, Bread, spicemixes (> Garam Masala), ...
I want to know from what these things are made of - and I want to avoid all these additions that have chemical-sounding words and nobody except the "experts" know what it is and what they will do with my body!

I want it as natural as possible..and I want to create that with my own hands, eyes and brain.
So I did with that  wonderful GRANOLA.

I love breakfast, and Timo and me had our first "Sunday-Home-Breakfast" (after 4 years!) - I wanted to have everything perfect and yummee!
I didn`t bake the croissants by myself (that will follow sooner or later, for sure!), but this granola was spectacular!

There is no refined sugar in it, just honey and a lot of dried fruits.
The oat flakes are from biological agriculture, so I can be sure, they used the whole grain.It is really so delicious! It is crispy and crunchy and SO HOMEMADE!.... we had a wonderful breakfast!

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