Samstag, 12. November 2011

Conchiglie with Brussel sprouts

Winter is coming.
The temperatures here gonna reach 0 C° this weekend...well, I confess: I really hate to freeze, and I hate these empty trees, no leaves at all, no birds, light is dull... it`s always a time, I have to overcome.

But this season has also its good parts.
For example all the seasonal vegetables, cole and so on.
Brussels sprouts is something very common in the winter here. ...well,...opinions differ on this point :o)
People hate it or love it. Timo for example hates it. I love it.
So I was happy, when he had to left for one day to Berlin, so I jumped right off into my clothes and went shopping.

 With my prey, I made this wonderful  Conchiglie, with Brussels sprouts, bacon crumbs, cream and Parmigiano.
OMG, it was wonderful! So easy and so well tasting!

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