Samstag, 27. August 2011

~~ In times of need: eat Chips

I am back from a wonderful trip through Italia and France...a CULINARY trip! UMMMH!
For sure, I brought a thousands of photographies...unfortunately, I didn`t brought the time to arrange them :)

So, until I can post some of the mouthwatering stuff I saw in the southern europe, I share all the other wonderful stuff with you, which has been created in my beautiful kitchen in Hamburg the last months....

In may, where we had this shit damn (!!!) EHEC virus in Germany (and especially in Hamburg, where I live), we really had a problem about "What do we eat?" ... no fresh salad, fruits and so vegetables... it was horrible!
And I really suffered from the abrupt stop of cooking...
So I had a look in my pantry and did everything I could with the rests.

Like you can see, lucky Fabia found some potatoes, and so I could experiment with my first homemade fresh chips! It was a crispy and crunchy and wonderful experience.

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