Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Holiday-Pecan-Plum-Muffins to save my honour!

It`s one month ago that I have been on the summer party of my current company Deadalic...
I don`t know what we talked about, but it was fated that I promised one guy to bake Muffins for him when he starts to work at Daedalic.

Well, he arrived 1st of August..and I didn`t have Muffins.

Blame and shame! ... I can`t accept that...
I have really not much time at that moment, our hopliday trip starts saturday morning and I have so much to do until then. But Muffins are something nice and quick and lovely, so I decided to bake some Pecan-Plum Muffins...
No decoration today, `cause time is short, but ...well... if you could smell decoration necessary :)

Have a wonderful august!

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