Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

~~ Guinness Cake

I found by surprise the recipe for a "Guinness Chocolate Cake" in the web (>> Nigellas Cake) and really really really wanted to bake it, too!
It looked so awesome and sounded so f*** great!! I mean...GUINNESS CAKE!!!..

I had a Flashback to my youth when I was about 16, or something, when I went to the Irish Pub in my hometown Darmstadt nearly every evening - and often had a Guinness (or two). I was (secretly) in love with the barkeeper, an irish guy who also had an irish name...I was a big fan of Ireland, so I thought: an irish boyfriend would be cool! :)
So I went there every evening, staring at the barkeeper, but was too shy to talk to him. And the Guinness never helped to lighten my tongue. But it was delicious!

Actually, I have to confess:
The cake was wonderful, but it was more chocolate than guinness...nearly not too taste. Probably a little bit of bitterness, but that was it.

The topping (I ate this kind of topping in the U.S. - more a cream cheese topping) didn`t reach the hearts here in Germany. We are used to eat more that creamy stuff on the top of cakes.

Well, I really liked it!
But the "base" of the cake, with all the chocolate inside...well...EVERYBODY who tried liked it :o)

I am glad I made this experiment!...and the beautiful pix.

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