Samstag, 2. Juli 2011


When my boyfriend is on tour for a few days or more -and his refrigerator very empty - I know exactly what will happen when he comes back: He will fill it with a lot of "went-just-to-town-and-bought-some-to-go-food"...

If I find then some time and leisure for another solution, I prepare something. Always with a pinch or a spoon full of love, because I am glad he returns home!

This time also with some lemon (he loves it). and some pignolias (he loves it). And muffins (he loves it).
Et voilà:
Pignola-Lemon-Muffins !
Including sun, for sure!

Besttr "Muffins-to-stay" than "Something-to-go" - hrhrhr!

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