Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Big Russel - highclass imbiss

I never really thought about taking foodpics as job.
But as luck would have it, there was the first chance two months ago.
An Ex-gourmetchef quitted his starwinning kitchen and opened a diner - french fries, sausages and so on - but in highest quality.

GREAT FUN for me, so I made some cool conepts and he decided to take this one you can see here.
OMG, I have been in a cold sweat, but I really liked to be under that pressure one time, too, because I really arranged the french fries a thousands of times, until they laid perfectly for my eyes.

By the way: The Imbiss is called "Big Russel" (I could design the Logo,too), and it is located in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.
You can find it HERE.

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