Dienstag, 6. August 2013


 I posted a lot of sweet stuff the last time, I know. Well, the reason is, that it is summertime, with all its berries and fruitstuff. I mostly use them to bake or to make chutneys or compotes or whatever.

Yesterday, we had a lovely couscous with aubergine, brown onions and red currants. I also use the fruits in some salty stuff, like you can see :) ...well...like you can READ. But we ate it before I could shoot some nice pictures for you. It was damn tasty, so I guess I have to cook it again, make some photographs and post you finally something salty :)
Summer, sweet summer...

So here is once more a wonderful tarte. The last time, I am so in love with tartes, because they are so thin and not so heavy like bigger cakes. We`ve got now 34°C here, and really: we do not eat much. Food must be light or cool. This cake is more light than cool :). But you can also put it in the fridge and eat it cooler.

Oh - and for sure: Easy to prepare! ... On my photos, you can also see some raspberry. It`s just because I didn`t buy enough red currants. For sure, you could take every berry you want. But....currants....you should not miss that!

1 tarte tin  (max. 28 cm diameter)Ingredients:
> Shortcrust > for the recipe look here
---- TIP: You can perfectly freeze shortcrust. Just make the double amount you need, flatten the half into a circle, wrap it in plastics and put into the freezer. 3 months. Perfect. The bestestest way is to freeze it directly in the tarte tin. If you put it out, let it defrost and you can directly blind-bake it -----
> Filling:

>> 750 grams of red currants (for sure, you can also make a mixture of red/black/white)
>> 4 eggwhite
>> 180 grams sugar
>> 100 grams hazelnuts, grounded
>> a pinch of salt

> Preheat the oven: 190°C (375° F).
> Cover dough with baking paper and fill in raw lenses. The dough should be completely covered. The lenses prevent the dough from getting bubbles.
> Put into preheated oven for 15 minutes.

During these 15 minutes:
> wash berries and take of from the truss
> whisk eggwhite and salt with your handmixer until nearly stiff. Step by step, whisk the sugar into it. You should get a beautiful white, sticky baiser mass.

> Take dough out of the oven. [Entfernen] lenses and baking paper.
> Reduce heat to 170°C (340° F)
> Cover dough with 2-3 Tbsp of your hazelnuts.
> mix the rest of the nuts under the baiser mass.
> Mix the berries verrrrrrry carefully under the baiser mass. Have a look that the berries do not burst.
> Cover the whole dough with the mass. Yeah, there is a little hill...don`t worry, it won`t run over.
> Put all in the oven (middle) and let in for 45 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes you should cover the cake with a baking sheet, for that it doesn`t get too brown on the top. Not earlier, because the baisermass is still sticky then - the sheet will glue on it and destroys your beautiful baiser surface.

Enjoy and sing any summer song you want while dancing under the apple trees (if possible).

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