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So nuts!: Hazelnut Icecream


Summertime is icecreamtime. Okay, I know a few people who love to eat icecream all the year round, but me, I am a very "seasonal" eater.
I like fresh stuff in the summer, like fruits, yoghurt, icecream and so on, but in winter, I don`t eant eat yoghurt, but more warm and heavy stuff.

So it`s not a wonder that our refrigerator is full of icecream at the moment.
We have lemon sorbet, orange sorbet, strawberry-lemon-elderflower sorbet, some chocolate chip icecream, rosemary-honey-icecream, and I am on the run to prepare ananas sorbet and cherry icecream. Well,..umh... I actually lied...Timo ate already the lemon and the orange sorbet. He is not easy to stop while eating fruit sorbets. Especially the lemon one - he says, it`s the best he knows...this is why I have to post the recipe soon. When Timo say "It is the best I know!" it`s kind of a gold medal for me. YEY!
But first: MY favourite.

Hazelnut Icecream is and has always been my baby. Hazelnut icecream, best with hazelnuts and hazelnut sauce. I am nuts about nuts, really!

I found this recipe in a beautiful icecream book a few years ago.
Even if homemade icecream is not going to be as soft and creamy as the one in the supermarket (because there are no chemical add-ons inside that makes everything creamy and tender), I prefer it. The taste is often more honest. The flavours are real. And you know what you put inside. For me, this is very important. I don`t want to have ingredients in my food that have more "x", "y" and "z" I ever can spell in my life.
I wanna know what comes into my stomach, because what I eat is the fuel for my body. I also don`t put hot frying oil into my car.

Well, okay...ehm...back to icecream.
I really like this one. It´s "just" a simple hazelnut icecream. Without glamour and a big bang. It`s pure in taste. I love it like this!

P.S.: You need an icecream machine for this. There are methods to prepare icecream also without a machine, but I didn`t try them yet. Google it, if you need it. But the machines are not expensive. I paid 30 € for mine, and this was 10 years ago. I am still using it and it works fine!


Hazelnut Icecream
...for two small glasses

> 150 grams whole hazelnuts

> 2 eggs + 2 egg yolk
> 500 ml milk (no low fat!)
> 50 grams sugar (fine,if possible)
> 75 grams brown sugar
> 200 grams Crème double
> 3 Tbsp Frangelico (or another hazelnut liqueur)
> 50 grams dark chocolate

>> Preparing the hazelnuts:
Preheat the oven to about 130°C - put hazelnuts on a baking sheet and roast it. Put out when they smell lovely roasted. Let them cool down a little. While cooling down, you can hear little sounds of the cracking peel. This is a perfect moment to wrap them in a kitchen towel and roll and scrub them with your hands on the table ... that helps to get the dark brown and a little bitter peel off.

>> Preparing the icecream:Mix eggs, eggyolk, white sugar and 40 grams of the brown sugar in a pot until it gets foamy (about 1 minute long)
>> Heat milk in a pot slowly until it begins to cook. Take down from heat, let cool down for a few minutes. Add egg-mixture to the milk.
>> Heat all at middle heat, 8-10 minutes, stiring all the time.
>> When the mixture begins to steam, it must have more or less 75° C (if you`ve got a thermometer you can have a look). Take down from heat - it shouldn`t get hotter, because the eggmixture will clod.

>> Grind 120 grams of your roasted hazlenuts with the rest of the brown sugar (35 grams) in a kitchen machine.
>> Mix 1/3 of the eggmixture with the grinded hazelnuts for about 1 minute
>> Add the rest of the eggmixture, mix very well and let cool down in the refrigerator for at leats one hour.

>> Put a sieve upon a pot. Add your mixture into the sieve and strain it until you have only the dry hazelnut rests left over. Put them in the trash bin.
>> Beat the Crème Double until fluffy and fold into the mixture.
>> You can pour it now into your icecream machine until it`s freezy enough to put into a pot. Deep freeze for at least 4 or 5 hours.
>> Melt chocolate ina hot water bath, let cool down a little and pour over the icecream. Sprinkle immediately with the rest of the nuts.

>> If you wanna serve it, put out of the freezer 15 minutes before you want to eat it.

Don´t forget to dance around in the kitchen, singing "Hallelujah, I just made icecream" or something else what makes sense.

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