Freitag, 1. März 2013


I am kind of a person that doesn`t like throwing something away - I mean food. Everything else is easy. But food? No way!
It is always a challenge for me to deplete everything in my fridge, all the leftovers from cooking sessions, and I am extremely proud if I made it!

I never thought about the peel of oranges. Sometimes you rasp it to use it sprinkled in pancakes or something, but the whole peel?
But then I remembered something I saw once in France (OMG, I love this country!)
And because Timo is a chocolat AND a fruit junkie, this was perfect for another of my glorious wonderful kitchen experiments he has to taste before I do :P

Well, what shall I say? It worked. These beautiful and tasty sticks are awesome to eat along the way, because (probably your opinion is different) you cannot eat that much of it. It`s more a tasty pleasure than a crapulence, like you sometimes have with chips. Once you`ve started to eat, you do not stop, and afterwards you feel bad. Not like this with these Choc-Stix.

Enjoy them with hot tea, coffee, milk or whatever comes in your mind. Or pure.

Orange Choc Stix

> 2 oranges, peel untreated (!!!!!!!!!!!)
> 70 ml orange juice (taken from the 2 oranges)
> 160 grams sugar
> 260 ml water
> 60-70 grams good dark chocolat (at least 70 %)
>> Carve orange two times all around, so that you have four areas of peel you can now carefully peel off   from the pulp.

>> Give the peel for two minutes into hot water, just to blanch them shortly. Drain on a kitchen paper.

>> Combine water, orange juice and sugar in a pot and heat it until it cooks. Add the peel pieces. At low heat, let them simmer for 90 minutes.

>> take the peel out of the sirup, shake off the too-much-sirup-stuff and put onto a cake rack - let it dry there for about 2 hours.

>> If you want, you can scrape clean now the white inner stuff from the peel and put into trash, so you just have a few millimeters of pure orange peel. I didn`t do that and it tastes the same, for me. Some say, it is more bitter. I don`t think so. 

>> Cut the peel into long stripes, as thick as you want them to be.

>> Melt chocolate on a hot water bath and dip them into the liquid chocolat. Shake off the choc a bit and put on a baking paper to dry.

>> Store them in a screw top jar or something similar....not to forget: dance around and sing "Hallelujah! I`ve done something gorgeous!" (with the melody of your choice)

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