Freitag, 15. März 2013

Leek-Hash-Casserolle à la Dad

This one so so so so simple recipe is a homage to my daddy.
He was not very often at home, because he worked the whole day long, so my mum cooked a lot of awesome stuff.
But he did sometimes two meals for us (well, I remember those two, probably it was more...and I didn`t mention the Christmas roast goose, this is special).
The first one was just a good wholemeal bread (we have wonderful bread in Germany!) with fresh cheese, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Quite simple, but awesome.
The second one is also simple, but warm instead of cold, and you can read the recipe here.

He cooked leek with hash, mixed with nutmeg, salt and pepper, and it was just wonderful. So easy!
My mum mostly cooked casserolles for us. We were three (wonderful :)) girls and it was not easy to get us full. A casserolle did always its work.

So I took daddy`s recipe of the leek stew and made a casserolle out of it. It is so so so so tasty, just try it out. The crispy lid makes all just....just....aaye! Just heavenly!



serves 2

> 2  leeks (~ 400 grams)
> 200 gramsground beef
> salt, pepper, nutmeg
> 1 Tbsp mustard (not too hot)
> 2 Tbsp Crême fraîche
> 70 grams Pecorino/Parmesan, grated
> breadcrumbs
> 250 ml vegetable stock

>> Preheat oven to 190°C / 380°F
>> Heat a pan with a little bit of oil and roast the meat a few minutes. Take out of pan and put aside.
>> Put leek into hot pan until it gets soft. Add vegetable stock & mustard. Let cook ~8 minutes.
>> Take pan from stove. Add Crème fraîche and two third of the cheese. Mix well.
>> Put all into casserolle. Sprinkle generously with all the breadcrumbs and the last third of cheese.
>> Sprinkle with good oliveoil
>> Put into oven for 20 minutes. The casserolle should be now as crusty and golden like on the photos. Take out and enjoy!

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