Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Sweet Couscous with Cinnamon Fruits

I made this for breakfast this morning after reading something about Marokko.
If I can`t do a Foodie-Trip to other countries, I have to bring the countries on MY table.
Couscous is a wonderful food and I guess, I often underestimate the million possibilities you can create something with it....for example, something sweet, like here.

Some people do not want to spend more time than 2 minutes for preparing breakfast.
Well, I am not one of those. Breakfast is so important! I also do not want to spent hours, but 15 minutes ...for a good taste, it`s worth the time.
That breakfast doesn`t take long, so give it a try!

Sweet Couscous with Cinnamon Fruits
serves 1

For the Couscous
> 1/3 cup Couscous
> 1 TBSP Sultanas
> 2 dried abricots, chopped in little dices
> 2 good shots of liquid cream
> a good pinch of cinnamon
> a small piece of butter

For the topping
> 1 small apple, cut in dices (or a pear, if you prefer)
> a small piece of butter
> 1 Tsp honey
> a good pinch of cinnamon

> 1 TBSP pistachios or almonds

>> heat water
>> combine the Couscous with Sultanas, chopped abricots and cinnamon, mix it.
>> add 1/3 cup of boiled water and the shot cream
>> cover and let it soak for 10 minutes

>> meanwhile, roast the almonds or pistachios without oil in a small pan until they smell wonderful. Put aside.

>> heat a little bit of water in a pan, add the honey, butter and the cinnamon. When all melted together, add the appledices and let it simmer until the apples are a little soft (not pulpy)

>> add the piece of butter to the Couscous, mix and loosen the grains with a fork.
>> Put Couscous on a plate and cover with cinnamon apples. Sprinkle with almonds/pistachios, add the second shot of cream and sprinkle with cinnamon

If you want a sweeter breakfast, add a little honey to the dry Couscous before adding the boiled water.


  1. Wow. Never thought of making sweet couscous! Such a good idea!

  2. I didn`t, too, until one night when I layed awake....it just came to me, and I couldn`t wait until morning to try it out.
    Next time, I will try to soak it with hot milk instead of water, or almondmilk :D
    If you have any other creations, share with me :) - there is a lot to explore, I guess.