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Awesome Rustic Tomato Soup

I don`t know where YOU live, but here in Germany, tomatoes are not so tasty in winter (now), it`s too cold for them to grow and we get that horrible greenhouse tomatoes from the Netherlands that grew on mineral cotton and taste like nothing.

But I wanted to post it already such a long time ago.
I really want to share that now with you, because it`s an f***ing awesome basic recipe, and so tasty! I got it from a friend and we both agreed: everybody should have the possibility to enjoy it!...I guess, most of my readers do not live in cold cold Germany. Probably you are lucky and live in a country where you can enjoy tomatoes RIGHT NOW in their best way.



serves 2


> 250 grams fresh cottage loaf with crispy crust
> 250 grams tomatoes, ripe and strong (best: cherry tomatoes)
> 1 big garlic clove, chopped
> Olive oil (good quality, please, the taste is important)
> 400 grams tinned tomatoes (in Germany this is one big tin)
> 1 not-too-big bunch of basil ( you can use all of it, also the stipes)
> salt and pepper
> a twist of red wine

Preheat oven: 350° F

>> Place baking paper on a baking sheet
>> prick your tomatoes a few times and mix them with half of your garlic and half of your basil
>> add salt and pepper
>> spread with olive oil and put into oven for 20-25 minutes

>> take a huge pot and heat a bit of oil in it.
>> Add garlic gently until soft,  keep on stirring.
>> Add 800 grams of tomatoes and basil
>> Add 700 grams of water
>> Bring to boil and let go for 15 minutes
>> Chop the big tomatoe-pieces after it with a fork or big spoon.
>> Chop your bread into dices.
>> Add bread, salt and pepper to the soup and bring to low heat.
>> Let cook for 15 minutes
>> Add a twist of red wine

>> When the oven tomatoes are ready (20-25 minutes) put all ont the tray immediately into your big pot.

>> When the soup is kind of thick and viscid, a little lumpy, kind of irregular mushy, it`s perfect.
Have  a look, if you need more water (you can also add a little gulp of red wine or white wine).
When it has the right consistency, add some oliveoil.

Enjoy hot!
And: It makes you really really full. Be careful :) But It`s so tasty, you probably eat and eat and explode in the end. LÖike that stupid crocodile a few years ago that tried to eat...well...any too-big-animal...and BOOOOM!
I do not guarantee for your health!

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