Montag, 12. November 2012

Mommy`s Spitzbuben - XMas Cookies II

Ooooookay guys, this is the easiest cookie-recipe ever. It is THE recipe of my childhood! Oh myyy!... I already had a post last year with these ones *klick*, when I made them with my mom, but no recipe - sorry for that!

I eat/bake those cookies for christmas time since I was a little kid - I guess I already participated in this feast when I was an embryo, because my mother made them long before I was born.
In Germany, this christmas cookie is really popular. Nearly every family bakes it.
We call it "Spitzbuben" in most parts of the country.

Over the years, I got different recipes from different moms and grandmas.
Every family has its own favourite recipe, but honestly: it`s just a shift in ingredient amount. The ingredients itselfs stay the same.

If you take more butter, it`s getting softer and more fluffy, if you take less, it`s getting harder.
If you roll them out thinner, it´s getting more fine, if you roll it out quite thick it has a great bite.

I post here my own variation, which is a  mixture between my mom`s recipe and the one of my mom-probably-one-day-in-law. The thickness of your rolled-out circles stays with you. As thick as you prefer. I roll them out 0,5 cm or a little more.

amount depends on the thickness

>> 200 grams sugar
>> 250 grams unsalted butter (little softened)
>> 500 grams flour
>> 1 egg

>> a 400 ml glass of marmelade (jelly, no pieces of fruits!)

> Mix all ingredients (except marmelade) together, knead them quickly until homogenous
> wrap in
foil, put in the fridge for at least 1 hour
> put the dough out
, roll it out on a generous floured surface.

TIP: Put a foil between the dough and your rolling pin. So nothing sticks on the pin, it is the easiest way to roll out dough. Please - flour the surface GENEROUS. The dough can be really gooey!

> Cut out the cookies with a circle cookie cutter in the size you prefer. If you want, cut a little hole in every second circle (like I did) - so you get those nice "marmelade eyes".
> Put them on baking sheet on baking tray
> Bake them for about 8-12 minutes. Have an eye on the cookies. Get the
m out before they get brown on top. The bottom side is then lightly brown. Take care during the baking process, so you find out soon the "strength" of your oven and the baking time YOU need for your Spitzbuben.
> Take out, let cool down on a rack.

> Put the marmelade in a little pot and heat it softly until more liquid.

> Brush or coat (with a knife) one circle with some marmelade, put another circle on top.
> Let dry for a few hours.
> Store them in a Tupperware or closed box.

ENJOY! <3 Really
...they are awesome!

And like always: Dance around and sing Jingle Bells to make cookies even MORE tasty!

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