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German Lebkuchen & Chocolat Baiser Kisses - XMas Cookies I

Okaaay, lovely people.
The pre-christmas time began. This is MY TIME! Christmascookierecipes...come to me! YAYA!

Just in time, 1st of november, I began baking. Not one day before or one later.1st!
I always make two recipes in one session.
One "every-year-again-recipe", a classical one. And the second is something new. Something different, interesting, not-so-classical.

Here we go:

1) Absolut classical german LEBKUCHEN, from Nuremberg. For me, the Nuremberg Lebkuchen are the best in whole Germany. Nobody does so well as they do. The tradition is very very old. The Lebkuchen are so fresh and tasty and fluffy and spicy, and and and...OHH, I love them!
I had kind of a "second family", my guest family in Portugal, when I lived there. I brought them once a package of Nuremberger Lebkuchen, and the dad of the family got crazy about it. He ate it ALL (and he has two little kids...he didn`t want to share - hahaha!).
Please, people out there, TRY it! bake it. Love it! Enjoy! It`s so wonderful! Best of christmastime!

2) Not classical, but experimental, beautiful and ommnomm: Chocolat Baiser Kisses.
It combines three ingredients I really really love:
Cocoa (Chocolat) Powder (into the baisers), marsipan and nougat (my absolute favourite chocolattype!)

Here are the recipes:

Nürnberger LEBKUCHEN
50 pieces, wafer aperture: 50 mm)

TIP: Begin to prepare them either early in the morning or in the late evening. They have to rest for 12 hours before baking.

>> 50 wafer (aperture 50 mm)
>> 4 eggs
>> 250 grams brown sugar
>> 250 grams all-purpose flour
>> 200 grams hazelnuts, grounded
>> 70 grams candied lemon peel
>> 70 grams candied orange peel
>> 75 grams almond, chopped
>> 1 tsp cinnamon, grounded
>> 1 pinch of grounded clove
>> 1 pinch of grounded cardamom
>> 1 pinch of grounded nutmeg
>> 2,5 level tsp baking powder


>> 200 grams icing sugar
>> 3 Tbsp lemon juice
>> 50 almonds, peeled (half or complete, it`s your choice. I prefer them half, because they stick better in the icing)

> Mix eggs and sugar in a mixer undtil creamy
> Add flour, almonds, hazelnuts, candied lemon & orange peel, cinnamon, baking powder and all spices. Fold in thoroughly with a wooden spoon.
> Prepare 2 baking sheets. Put wafers on it and a little cup of water next to you.
> With the help of two teaspoons, put a good amount of dough onto the wafer. You will get a feeling, how much it should be. Be generous! The heaps can be a little bigger.
> Damp your fingers and flatten the dough heaps into the final shape. Arrange them immediately after shaping onto the baking tray/baking sheet, where they should stay. The wet wafer makes it stick on the sheet, and you can`t really move them before baking.
> Put them aside and let them dry for 12 hours.
> Preheat oven to 150° C ( 300 F )
> Put the trays in the middle of the oven. Bake for 18-20 minutes.
> Let them cool down.
> Prepare the icing by mixing sifted icing sugar and lemon juice. Brush Lebkuchen with it and put one almond on the top. Let them dry completely.

TIP!!: To store them, please put a slice of fresh bread into the same box (seperated by a kitchen paper). The bread "feeds" the Lebkuchen with humidity, so they stay wonderful soft and luscious in the inside.


Chocolat Baiser Kisses
30 pieces
>> 100 grams almonds, grounded
>> 100 grams icing sugar + 20 grams extra for the marsipan
>> 2 Tbsp best dark unsweetend cocoa powder
>> 2 eggwhite
>> 50 grams fine sugar
>> pinch of salt
>> 100 grams marsipan paste
>> 100 grams nougat (I tried to use a good chocolat instead of the stuff you can find in the baking areas in supermarkets. It worked, and it tastes much better!)

> Preheat oven to 150°C (Air circulation 130°C)/300 F and prepare 2 baking sheets.
> Mix almonds, 100 grams icing sugar and cocoa powder
> Prepare a how waterbath and an ice cold waterbath.
> First, beat eggwhites over the hot waterbath with the fine sugar and pinch of salt. It should be a warm, stiff mass.
> Second: beat it immediately after that in the cold waterbath, until cooled down.
> Fold in almond mixture.

> Fill the mass into a piping bag.
    If you have no, do it yourself :)  >>MAKE YOUR OWN PIPING BAG
> Squirt 60 little heaps onto the sheets, not bigger than 2 cm diameter. You can flatten the top with damp fingers, if you want.
> Bake them for about 18 minutes. Let them cool down (in the oven, door open)

> Roll out marsipan on your 20 grams leftofer icing sugar.
> cut circles out of the marsipan in the same size of the final baisers. You can do that with whatever you find - I often take a small shot glass, the edge floured that it doesn`t stick on it.> Melt Nougat.
> Brush two bottom sides of your baisers, put one marsipan circle in between and glue them together.
> To dry them, you have to be a little creative, because if you lay them down, the both baisers drift apart. I put them on a cooling rack, where I could arrange them stable.
> Let them dry.

Most important: ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY and sing JINGLE BELLS, while dancing in the kitchen
(makes the cookies more magical)

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