Donnerstag, 8. März 2012


When you have a Food (photography)-Blog, you have to do several things, before you can post something:

>> You have to chose a RECIPE (easy)
>> You have to go FOOD SHOPPING.... (easy when sun, not easy when rainy or cold)
>> You have to PREPARE the food (for that part, I have my boyfriend, you can see him perfectly   snip on the photo at the end of this post!)
>> You have to COOK or BAKE it (I could do that all day)
>> You have to ARRANGE the food (that one needs a hell of concentration!)
>> You have to TAKE PICTURES (loooove it!)
(>> when you finally eat the food, that cooled down in the meanwhile, you normally can`t stop to shout out ... "Oh , Timo Timo, stopstop...that bite was beaaautiful, hold it!! *click*"...a thousand times)
>> You have to PROCESS the pics you have taken (I love it, too!!)
>> If you are so smart, you have to WRITE DOWN the you can see, I am not that smart, yet....this is often one step too much...but I will work at that!

>>Well, and then...then, you have to POST it.

Concerning my workflow, verything is fine, until the last point.
I cook and bake so much, I have so many photograpies...that I can`t keep up the writing-thing.
From all the things, I am at laziest in writing.

So I am sorry for some breaks in updating...I guess, one day comes a FLOOD of pics...the one day, when I am in absolut perfect mood for writing. So keep up reading ! :)

***Thank you!*** :-*   *Fabia*

(I swear, I work at the recipe-write-down-thing!)

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