Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rainbowcake ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since Noody started to work at our company and is my roommate, there is a lot of "rainbow-spirit" in the room. Here rainbowcolors, there rainbowcolors, everywhere! Inspired by her and a post she did at Facebook, I thought about baking a RAINBOW-cake...

Well, actually I didn`t know at all how to do that, because I had no recipe, so I laid awake some hours at night, thinking about how to prepare the best Rainbowcake!
I already realized: It would be a LOT of work, but I was so flashed by the idea, that I HAD to try it at least.

My luck: Timo had some meetings in south Germany, so I had a few days alone.
I occupied the kitchen after making plans about the pastry, the colors and something-around....
I am not that freak of decorating cakes, I like it more basic. What a luck! :)
With the new food coloring I bought in my favourite spend-too-much-money-for-cake-stuff-shop (>>KD-Torten) I started my crazy day.

At least, I spent 6 hours in the kitchen and I was so so so excited!
I had to bake every color-slice extra for 30 minutes...my feet were so so tired in the evening, but I was happy!
I created a nice covering with marsipan and dark chocolate ganache, and I was really curious about: how it looks inside!!!
But I had to wait for Timo, kind of a little surprise and some increasing of suspense for me :D

Well, when I cut the cake I was SQUEAKING happily - the whole neighbourhood participated, I guess (not from the cake, for sure!)

I will write down the recipe, I already promised it to Noody and Rebecca.
I need some time for that, but now I can already post the photos...
have fun with that!

Have a COLORFUL day!

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  1. Perfekter haben wir ihn auch noch nicht hinbekommen, den Rainbow Cookie Ninja Standard Geburtstagskuchen. Bei uns ist er aber meist geringelt, so kann man alle Farben gleichzeitig in einer Springform backen. Man muss nur beim Einfüllen des teiges einen kleinen Trick anwenden. ;-)