Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Jewelled Rice

A brandnew experience for me was this recipe, which I found (surprise surprise!) in Jamie Olivers` newest magazine from January/February 2012.

I always change those recipes a little bit, depending on my mood and ideas coming through the kitchen window :)
I guess you cannot find out all the ingredients from the photos (?), so here they are:
- red lentils
- red rice from the Camargue
- red onion
- roasted pistachio
- roasted pine nuts and a little bit of crumbled walnut (that is what I`ve added)
- dried sour cherries
- juice from a lemon
- fresh leafs of mint and parsley (normally it is fresh coriander...but I don´t like it at all!

- as a topping: natural joghurt (I added that, too), not too much.
__ the end I was sure that it had perfectly fitted to put some pealed orangepieces on it, or pomegranate seeds. For the freshness and the contrast to the rice, which is very firm compared to the Basmati rice we always use.

I have never eaten such an interesting composition, so foreign in taste and smell and bite. Very, very cool! Wonderful...Timo didn´t stop eating :) - so we will cook it again, for sure!

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