Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Italy`s yellow coast on my table

Double fresh, directly out of the oven!
And it is not sour at all!...I really wondered about that. Amalfi Lemons, filled with Mozzarella, basil and anchovy filets.
I get kind of a longing for Italy, even if I really don´t know that country at all (I´ve gotta change that!)

After I read the recipe, I googles the Amalfi Coast to get a little geographic knowledge. In the same time, I realized that in summertime, people there really drown in these lemons.
I really really have to go there and have to help those poor Amalfi people :)

I served it with Crostini. Topped by chopped tomatoes and olives and some good olive oil.
You shouldn`t drink something else than water - you kill or choke the wonderful taste!

(Recipe from "Genial italienisch" ,Jamie Oliver << awesome awesome book !)

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