Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Koziol Design Stuff

I really got to say: I am a lucky girl!
I have a thousands of reasons to say that, but there was something that happened to me as a Food Blogger I add to the list.
When I was still in university, I worked a bit at a german design company I always loved....they have stunning designs, beautiful and funny stuff, often both of these facts in one product. Colourful (and I LOVE colours...I am an artist). So nice!
The name of the company is "KOZIOL" - you probably saw some of their stuff already in stores.
Website is here: KOZIOL

I stayed a few weeks not far from them at the retirement home where my grandma lied. She was very sick, and so I had two weeks of sitting next to her bed. Because the home lies in a beautiful beautiful part of Germany (the Odenwald), I used the break times and lunch and dinner to enjoy nature and the little beautiful villages. Koziol was about 15 minutes by car away, and so I tought: YEAH! I could visit them! I only have good memories of my time there, and so I was excited to see the company and some of their awesome people again.

And really, after 7 years of absence, there were still a lot of people I knew! It was a heartwarming Hello-Again...awesome. And I am still in love with the products. They make me smile all the time.
I told them that I do food photography and really would like to do some shots with their stuff.
They gave me the opportunity to pick out the things I would like to experiment with...and they have A LOT of products. It took me a real long time to decide. What a hard life!
When I came home, there was already a package waiting for me :) - full of beautiful stuff.

What a great gift!
It inspires me so much. The things I can work now with are so different from those I use normally. It really challenges me. Forms and colours are kind of dominant, sometimes, so I have to think well about a photoconcept before shooting.

I began this weekend....I always have to find some free time next to my work as an illustrator and animator. But my head is exploding of ideas!

First I want to say: THANK YOU, KOZIOL TEAM! It was wonderful to see you again, and I really appreciate your work.

Now I can show you my first shots I did. You already saw the Beetroot Soup, the bowls are from Koziol. Very stylish.

Have a wonderful day@all!

BTW.: They posted my food photos with their stuff on their Facebook Site and on their Blogroll (YEAH!):




  1. Wow! Sehr schöne Sachen dabei!! :D Bin gespannt auf weitere Fotos!

  2. <3 Danke! Ich werd das so im Laufe der Zeit mit einbinden.Macht total Spass, aber passt natürlich nicht immer alles zu allem. Lieben Gruss!

  3. Nice! It's one of my favourite design brands, lucky you to get some treats (and to have worked for them!). Cool stuff.

    1. Hey Alex, yeah, I am really a lucky girl! Yehaw!! Thanks for your comment and for the "cool" :)