Freitag, 19. April 2013

Little Ginger Cakes with Caramelsauce

Until now, my year was a little bit of unhealthy. I was ill a long time and couldn`t go to the sports, what annoyed me a lot. The weather here in Germany was a catastrophy - the winter didn`t want to leave at all, and everybody`s mood sank to the ground.
In wintertime, I always eat more, and in combination with "no sports" and "ill", this is not a good idea, even if the food was mostly healthy.
But there was also Easter and some birthdays, and I got used to too much sweets.
A week ago (I am finally healthy, yey!) I felt, my body doesn`t like all that anymore.
I remembered a good advice of a cook (could be Jamie Oliver) who said: Eat sweets ONLY when you made them with your own hands!
After a week without any sweet, I wanted to allow myself something, so I decided to bake some little cakes with ginger, because I knew: this recipe isn`t that sweet.

After this one week without "supermarket"sweets, I already taste the "sweetness-factor" differently. The supermarket sweets seem too sweet. So these cakes are superbe, if you search for something not that heavy.
You can surely leave out the caramel sauce, but this one is not that sweet, too!

Little Ginger Cakes with Caramelsauce

(9 flat muffins)

> 2 Tbsp chopped candied ginger
> 1 tsp ginger, grounded

> 90 grams butter, soft
> 2 tsp fine grated orangepeel
> 60 g brown sugar, soft (Muscovado is the best choice)
> 75 grams creamy honey
> 2 eggs
>100 ml milk
> 150 grams flour
> 1 tsp baking powder

Caramel Sauce:
> 125 ml cream
> 75 grams brown sugar

> Preheat oven to 180°C / 350°F
> Prepare muffin tin or something with a similar size: grease and sprinkle with flour
> Mix chopped candied ginger with a bit of the flour and stir, until the pieces do not stick together anymore.
> Combine butter, sugar, orangepeel and honey with a handmixer until smooth & creamy
> Add eggs and mix, too.
> Fold in well the flour, baking powder and ginger (candied and grounded) with a spoon
> Add slowly milk while mixing.
> Fill muffin tin with dough.
> put into oven for about 12 minutes - FINITO!

> For the sauce, combine cream and sugar and heat it softly until the sugar dissolves. Then increase heat and let cook for 6-8 more minutes. Let cool down a little bit and spread over the cakes.

If you want, sprinkle with sesamseeds or some nuts.

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