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Cinnamon Fingers - XMas Cookies V

Before Timo and I will leave to Paris for a few days of romance and great food :), I will give you another wonderful more classic recipe for cookies.

Normally in Germany, we always have some cookies called cinnamon stars. “Zimtsterne”.
This is absolutely classic.
There is a baiser-topping on them, and it is sometimes really a mess to get it onto all the star-tips. But god gave us creativity (or somebody else), and so there is a solution for it, for sure.
This variation is beautiful, too,  and easier to handle. And nice to eat, because you can dip it into your warm drink.

Caramel loves cookies, too!


(50 to 60 pcs.)

>> 400 grams grounded almonds
>> 1 pinch of piment , grounded
>> 1 pinch of clove, grounded
>> 1,5 Tbsp cinnamon (hey, these are CINNAMON stix, it`s the dominant ingredient. Don´t be shy with it)
>> eventually a little bit of flour, if dough is too soft

Baiser Topping:
>> 3 eggwhite
>> 1 pinch of salt
>> 1 Tbsp lemonjuice
>> 270 grams sugar

> Mix almonds with piment, cloves and cinnamon.
> In another bowl, beat eggwhite and salt to a stable snow. Add a few drops of lemonjuice. Bit by bit, add the sugar and beat beat beat all the time. You need to beat the mass for 10 minutes. In the end, add the rest of the lemonjuice and mix it under the mass.

> Now separate the baiser-mass:
4 Tbsp should be put aside for the topping
Knead step by step the rest of the baiser-mass under your almond-mixture. Do that until the dough is smooth and you have the feeling it could be rolled out after cooled in the fridge. If it is too soft and gluey gluey, add a little bit of flour until the dough has the consistency you like.
> Wrap in foil and put in fridge at least 1 hour

> Preheat oven: 170 °C
> Sprinkle your workplace generously with sugar. Roll out the dough on it. Time by time, seperate the dough from the workplace for that it does not glue too much.
In the end, you should have a 1 cm thick square, or something very close to it, for that there are not too many dough-leftovers.
When rolled out completely, lift it onto a sugar-sprinkled baking paper – it does not glue that much on it.

> Coat the 4 Tbsp baiser-mass onto your beautiful square.
> with a long knife, cut your square into horizontals and verticals. “My” fingers are 2cm x 8 cm and 1 cm thick.
> If you want, mix a little cinnamon with sugar and sprinkle it over the mass.
> Lift the fingers onto a baking tray with baking paper (best to lift them with a knife blade).
> Put into the middle of the oven and let bake for around 10 minutes (should stay light on top)
> Let cool down on a cooling rack, NOT on the tray ( for that they don`t get more heat than necessary)
Cut with a long knife into a grid

Okay, that`s it!

Looks like snowy sticks, doesn`t it? So if you don´t have snow outside, you have kind of snow (tasty one!) in your kitchen :)
Enjoy, dance around, sing "Jingle Bells" and be thankful for life and cookies.

Do you find the CAT (part 2) ?

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