Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Gooseberry Compote

Helloooh everybody!
My computer is bursting from all the pictures I have taken the last weeks. So many stuff I tried to cook, so many tasty things... I will gtry to share the best ones with you.

Summer did not really arrived in Hamburg.
We have that day here, 27th of june, calles "Siebenschläfer" (edible dormouse).
And it is said, if it`s raining on that day, 7 weeks of rain will follow.
What shall I tell you? It rained!
And so, the weather is very changeful. You never know if you should wear something short or long. It is always wrong.

But nevertheless, the farmer markets are full of summer vegetables and summer fruits.
I was crazy about the idea making something with gooseberries.
They only can be bought here for a short time and we don´t have that much. But I love them, because at my parents house where I grew up, we had a gooseberry bush. I ate a few and felt in day, the bush got ill and the fruits were full with dark points.
The bush died, but my love for that fruit did not :)

And so I decided to make a compote I can eat with my homemade icecream.
The best is: Timo doesn`t like gooseberries (the poor guy) and so....I can eat it AAAAALL!

Enjoy the "fruits of your labour" when you cooked the compote. It`s so summerly!


Gooseberry Compote

What you need:
>> 400 gramm gooseberries (red ones are better, they are not that sour)
>> 2 cm fresh ginger
>> 150 ml juice (preferable: red grapes. Depends on yourpersonal likings. Better use something not too strong, like orangejuice. Apple and everything red should work fine, too)
>> 150 ml white wine (if you don`t wanna use alc, take the same amount of juice)
>> 0,5 cinnamon stick
>> 2 tsp starch flour
>> 50 gramm sugar

> Wash the gooseberries and pick off the little pieces on both tops.
> Peel the ginger and hack it as small as possible.
> Mix the starch with a few tablespoons of the juice.
> Spread the sugar into a jar and let it heat slowly...the sugar begins to melt after a time (be patient, attentive and don´t do it too hasty, because if it is going to melt at one point...everything is going verrrrry quickly!)
> When it caramellised to a beautiful light-golden color, add half of the wine and increase the heat.
> Let it cook and stir, stir, stir until the caramel dissolved.
> Add the rest of the wine, juice, ginger and cinnamon stick.
> Boil up.
> Stir the starch into it and let cook for 4 minutes.

> Add gooseberries and let them cook softly with all the other ingredients. But only for 3 minutes, because they burst very quickly!

... Fill the compote into another bowl and let it cool down.

Eat with vanillasauce, joghurt, icecream or whatever you like! Enjoy summer :)

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