Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Spitzbuben - christmas cookies part 2

Don`t think I am lazy and my kitchen stays cold...noonooo!
I made a lot of christmas cookies, cute packaging and gave them all away...
But I always have to prepare the whole kitchen for photography sessions, and after hours of baking, well...there is sometimes no power left for that.

But I have been in Brandenburg, where my parents enjoyed the pre-christmas a house in the forest..., and I used the opportunity to bake cookies with my mum, what I didn`t for years!...All the good old childhood cookies...mmmmh!

So here are some pics of  my favourite ones: "Spitzbuben" .. so it is called here.I guess, everybody knows this kind of cookies, it is so so simple, and every part of every country has a different name for it.
But everywhere, they taste delicious, I am sure!

For all of you:
whatever you may eat during the holy days!


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